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Sendzimir 20 cylinders rolling-mill

Thanks to the Sendzimir technology, the 20 cylinders rolling-mill is equipped with two working rolls with small diameters which allows us to easily roll even high hardness materials (comparable to quenched materials) such as austenitic stainless steels.
The sophisticated automatic gauge control allows us to guarantee tolerances of a few microns on the thinnest materials.

max rolling width 360 mm
thickness range 0,05 mm – 3 mm
speed 100 m/min
max strip tension 13 tons
working cylinders’ diameter 14mm – 22mm
max coil weight 3500 kg
Laminatoio Sendzimir


Redex tension leveller

Spianatrice Redex (tension leveller) In 1990 we purchased the first tension leveller used in Italy to produce steel strips. Thanks to the elimination during the levelling process of the unavoidable imperfections caused by the cold rolling process, it is possible to reach the high flatness standards required by the stainless steel market and by the current European rules.
The excellent flatness of the processed coils, obtained through a stretching process, means final slitting can be far easier and more precise.

The whole production in coils produced in Lamina is processed through our Redex tension leveller.

max levelling width 420 mm
thickness range 0,05 mm – 2,5 mm
speed 120 m/min
max tension 8 tons
working cylinder diameters 22mm – 30mm
max coils weight 4000 kg

Ebner annealing furnace

Our annealing static bell furnace with water cooling enables the annealing of high and medium carbon steels and titanium strips. The controlled atmosphere, in argon or nitrogen, provides a high surface quality of the strip and enables us to obtain optimum mechanical characteristics after annealing. Using an impeller together with automatic process checks, it’s possible to obtain a uniform distribution of the temperature throughout the furnace, thus giving uniform final characteristics in the materials

max temperature 850°C
annealing bases 2
burners 4
max single load max weight 6 tons
Forno Ebner

Samo slitting lines & Edging Lines

Cesoie Samo - Macchine bordatrici There are two main final slitting machines with circular knives:
  • maximum slitting width 600mm, used for narrower and thinner strips
  • maximum slitting width 750mm

Smaller machines are used for spooling narrow strips and to produce round edges strips.


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