laminatoi milanesi nastri
storia aziendale
First production year at Lamina Lamina started its activity in Milan in the premises in via Rho, under the direction of Alessandro and Alla Sanmarchi. In the beginning the production of carbon steels was focused on material for razor blades (see picture). Consequently, ever since the beginning, our way of thinking has been oriented to high precision in order to satisfy the demand for specific products for particular applications. In the years to come the production range widened and further carbon steel grades (such as micro-alloyed ) were introduced.
With the arrival of the Sendzimir rolling mill, the production at Lamina changed dramatically and we became directed towards the innovative production of roll hardened stainless steels, used for industrial springs manufacturing.
The installation of the Ebner furnace, allowed us to increase the production range adding thin Titanium strip and foils.
The purchase of the tension leveller, the first in Italy, and the constant development of the slitting lines, lead to today’s high specialisation in precision strip.
The slitting line equipment is improved thanks to the introduction of a second Samo line

Thanks to our production flexibility and fast deliveries along with the ability to satisfy the most particular quality needs of its customers, Lamina is present on the European market with more than 50% of the roll hardened stainless steel production. Furthermore we can successfully compete at world-wide level as far as the production of extra-light Titanium strips is concerned, exporting even to difficult markets such as Far East.

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