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Since 1949 we have specialised in the precision cold rolling of steel and titanium strips.

Since the early 70ís, although maintaining the traditional carbon steel production intended for the domestic market, we have directed our production to the more specific field of temper rolled stainless strips for industrial spring manufacturing.

50% of our temper rolled stainless steel production is exported on the European market and we are present world-wide with our Titanium thin strips production.



In our headquarters and production unit in Milan the main production plants are a 20 cylinder Sendzimir rolling mill, the first Italian strips tension leveller, Samo slitting lines and an Ebner annealing bell furnace.

The ISO 9001 certification, our technical experience and the great production flexibility, allow us to guarantee a high quality product with a rapid lead time along with quick answers to the most particular enquiries on our market.

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